Time for Thailand

Thailand.. Cocktails, Massages, Pad Thai, Beaches, Pampering and a few more cocktails…bliss!

The fact you are reading this tells me you are either a good friend (thankyou, love you!) or you too have the travel bug, which means you too are probably subscribed to one (or like me, ten) of those mailing lists where they send you fabulous enticing travel deals all the time.
I’ve been doing some ridiculous hours at work lately on a huge project and decided I needed some time out to stop myself from burning out completely! So, I bit the bullet and booked a flight, I’m off for a week of cocktail and massage filled bliss in Thailand.

This is where I admit it has been ten years since my last trip to Thailand.. but the memories are still vivid. To me its the perfect mix for an escape from Australia. Theres the fabulous food, the bargain shopping, the rich culture, and that insistence on pampering and relaxation.

Watch this space to hear all about my trip, and how Thailand welcomes me back after all these years…

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  1. Chris says:

    Thailand was my first Country outside of Australia so will always hold a place in my heart (much as their Banana Pancakes do my belly).

    Waiting to hear your impressions on your return!

    1. Seems I’ve been too busy adventuring else where to update everyone on Thailand! That trip was almost a year ago and right now I’m planning a South American adventure. Promise a Thai-inspired update, just for you!

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