Where I want to be this week….Mykonos

I have found that Fridays is the day I most day dream about being somewhere else…so in an effort to get more posts out there, I’m starting ‘Where I want to be this week”….

Today, I’m dreaming about Greece.. Trip Advisor got me dreaming today with their article about “the worlds top ten hotel pools”. It opened my eyes to a whole new destination…

The above photo of Vencia Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Vencia Boutique Hotel (http://www.vencia.gr/) is the pool I now need to swim in. A horizon pool with a stunning, calming view, and I’d imagine well tanned cabana boys bringing me cocktails. (OK so maybe I imagined the last part?). The hotel seems simple but elegant and is ranked the #3 hotel in Mykonos with prices ranging from AU$140 per night.

Mykonos itself is a bustling tourist party town. Not the kind of place I’d usually seek out.. but there looks like some great options to explore on the nearby islands. Watch this space as I do a little more research on Greece!

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