Time for take off

It’s something about that moment, when the wheels lift off the ground and you are at the mercy of those big silver wings.

I get butterflies, like an anxious excitement. Not sure if I’m perhaps nervous about where I’m headed, or what I’m leaving behind. I know sometimes I’ve been happy to leave it all behind, others I’m excited about the new beginning I’m on my way to, or the adventure that awaits.

No matter how much I fly of where I’m headed, I can’t help the grin that spreads across my face as that moment occurs, it’s not something I always understand, but I know those butterflies always make me smile.

Watching the airfield prior to take off always intrigues me too. Like a crazy little ant village down there, everyone has their jobs, nothing is left to chance and there is rarely time to spare. Process, procedure, order and precise engineering, that’s what gets us off the ground and it’s wonderful to watch it all fall into place. I’d much prefer to be on route somewhere, but I could watch the action on the airfield for hours.

I’ll only be on this winged bus for 90 mins today but I know I’ll have similar butterflies on landing, and as much as those 90 minutes, 5 hours or 15 hours can drag, they are always filled with possibility. So much exciting potential that awaits at the other end!

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  1. Chris says:

    I made an odd discovery today. The ticket from my first ever flight! (I was late to hit the air, it was only in 2000).

    The adrenaline rush from when those engines kicked in and we hurtled down the runway has never been forgotten though.

    I’ll always have that excitement when a plane takes off, but I don’t think anything will ever compare to that 1st flight! 🙂

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