Mexico City – First Impressions

So I made it to Mexico City, through immigration where apparently it’s all good to breast feed in the queue. The airport was slow but the people are more than lovely enough to make up for it. As we get get diverted from a blocked off street, with a giant Playboy bus paked outside a cathedral, I ask my cabbie “is there an event on?”. No he replies, ‘just police’, as he points to the boys in blue complete with helmets and shields. The buildings remind me a little of Rome and there’s a tonne of bakeries I make a mental note to check out in daylight hours.

20131003-221127.jpgI also discovered that Mexican Guacamole is HOT. Holy hell ouch hot. Being that I’m in the birthplace of one of my favourite tasty treats, it’s quite the fright that the real stuff I just drowned my tortilla in burns! I now have a new mission on this trip: Toughen up the taste buds. The guac was handled by gulping Modelo after each bite, and a generous squirt of fresh lime. I can do this!

Decided to play it safe tonight and stick to the restaurant at the hotel while I’m solo. From here I can spot a beautiful old building across the street that I’ll check out tomorrow between bakeries, while I practice my apparently hideous Spanish. Buenas Noches!


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