San Francisco (Part 1)

San Francisco has been my home for a few months now so I am long overdue for a post! Thought I’d start with a few of the big ticket visits in the city and work from there.

Firstly for a long weekend in the city, or a good kickstart to a longer visit, I’d suggest the CityPass. For $65 it gets you into a bunch of the best attractions in town (valid for 10 days), as well as a muni ticket to get around for 7 days. They also throw in unlimited cable car rides too, which is a fun, though sometimes innefecient way to get around town. The

The Academy of Science was one of those places we all get to be a big kid again. Being honest, I’m not the biggest science nerd but between the giant bio-dome, the earthquake simulators and the planetarium I was already hooked before I even made it to the underground aquarium where I was entranced by the colourful jellies.

The newest place in town to get your nerd on is the Exploratorium. Just re-opened in its new location on the water, it provides an afternoon full of experiments and fun for young and old.

Sick of all the kids? Both of these fun museums have out of hours sessions for adults only. Usually around $15 entry, the Academy’s ‘NightLife’ ( opens every Thursday night and the Exploratorium’s ‘After Dark’ ( the first Thursday of every month. Both venues open 6pm to 10 pm, with each session hosting a fresh theme, a cocktail bar and exclusive content. Check out the calendar before you head in!


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