I have a confession… I have never been… on.. a.. CRUISE!!!

I mean, I’ve said the hour from Calais to Dover, I’ve booze-cruised around Port Phillip Bay for an evening, I’ve whale watched off the eastern coast of Australia, I’ve even been on a fishing dingy with my Dad. But a real, multiple nights, exploring the world on a boat….Its on the to-do list.

This article popped up on my radar today. Again from Frommers, Best Cruises for Beer Lovers. It reminded me of
1. My unfortunate seasickness
2. Needing to book in my upcoming FIRST EVER cruise

So, Seasickness. I keep being told not to worry about it. The ship is huge, “you will never even notice!” I believe these are all lies, so I’m looking for some tips. So far I have: Drugs, not looking at the water and the ship at the same time, more drugs, avoiding alcohol (on a CRUISE, are they INSANE?), drinking lots of water and keeping something in your stomach (again, I’m sure this will be  a challenge on a CRUISE!).

Great tips, but do you have any for me? I need to expand my anti seasick repetoire. I feel it might be important considering part 2.

My upcoming FIRST EVER cruise! Planning a little 4 night jaunt to the Western Carribean on the Celebrity Millennium. We make a stop in Key West,FL and another in Cozumel, Mexico. Going with a girlfriend from my college days, which of course means that we will act like we are still in college, ten years on!

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